Abigail and Oliver

Abigail and Oliver’s wedding and reception at the Quarry in Naples, Florida was absolutely beautiful! I was so honored to have been chosen to be their wedding photographer. All of their family, friends, bridesmaids and groomsmen were so sweet! Her dad came in, right before they were about to walk down the aisle and when he saw her in her dress he teared up, which of course made Abigail tear up as well… I love moments like those. Also, Abigail had a vintage watch fastened to her bouquet – I thought that was a wonderful touch! The wedding ceremony was supposed to be held outside, however there was such a high chance of rain it had to be moved inside into the church. Around portrait time, it started to rain a bit so we were unable to spend as much time outside taking portraits of just the bride and groom as originally planned; however we met up at a later date to do a post-wedding shoot (which was so much fun)! I would highly recommend couples do an after the wedding shoot – not only are the shots amazing but also they are a blast to do!

Their reception was gorgeous and their first dance was so beautifully choreographed. Also, the Bride’s Aunts had a special dance planned for Oliver, which was absolutely hysterical!

What a wonderful wedding with such a sweet couple! :)

Charlotte Purdy Photography - Casa Ybel Resort in Sanibel Family Photographer

On a perfect summer day, I had the opportunity to photograph an adorable family at Casa Ybel Resort in Sanibel Island, Florida. They brought these SUPER CUTE balloons to the shoot - what a fun idea!!! We had a blast capturing memories out on the beach and in the resort grounds... I can't wait to return! :)

Melia and Tommy's Wedding Photobooth Slideshow Video

Check out this fun wedding photobooth slideshow video from Melia and Tommy's recent wedding!!! So much fun! :) If you need a wedding photographer in Fort Myers or Naples, Florida definitely check out Charlotte Purdy Photography. As you can tell we have an AMAZING Photobooth!!!

I Believe in Magical Moments...

I believe in magical moments. Like that moment when the bride is walking down the aisle, and her daddy cries as he is about to give her away. Or that moment when the groom brings his mother in close, while he is smiling proudly at her as he and her are spinning across the room arm and arm. Or the bride, peeking down the aisle, trying to get a glimpse of her groom. These moments linger in my memory, and cause me to smile as I capture your memories.

I have one of the best jobs in the world.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a very difficult task, because in addition to needing to have the right equipment and know-how, you also need to choose a person that you can see yourself being around (pretty much all the time) on your wedding day.

My brides and grooms become my friends. Behind each picture is a memory and behind each memory is a story – and I have the greatest honor of being chosen to tell story.

No wedding is perfect – but sometimes it is the imperfections that make a wedding the most cherished. Not because the wedding is Pinterest perfect, or because the wedding should be in the next issue of The Knot, but because it’s your story and it’s what makes your story unique.

When you are looking for a wedding photographer, one of the most important things that you need to look for is this: “Do they care?” Because a photographer who cares is much more valuable than a hundred that don’t.